I’m officially gone mad. Deco mad. For months I’ve been thinking about the style and vibe I want for our future home. (Our future home we still need to find I might add.) Now that I’ve we’ve figured it out, that little bad habit called impatience is showing its face. I suppose hundreds of hours on Pinterest, browsing through way too many interior books and screening  more webshops than my laptop can handle, can do that to a person.

Result, I decided I could just as well start ‘Operation: Suit Cozy Up’. Step by step. Finding those perfect pieces needs time you know. It’s also the reason why I’m a little less active on the blog and social media. But finding those perfect items seems all I care about lately. Djeez how obsessive of me. *weirdo alert*

If you’re curious what kind of interior I’m loving, scroll a little down. But in short: the combination of black/white and wood with a few gold details, and furry blankets and soft pillows to make it extra cozy. I also love those minimalistic pieces you see a lot in Scandinavian living rooms. Aah they make my heart skip a beat.


Result? I sold our chairs. Uhu, having dinner now happens on these two tiny stools we were actually using as original side tables in the bedroom. Dinner parties with my girls forced me to get creative. Also our floor lamp went to one of my besties who always had a thing for it; and I also sold my old MacBook. Hello new deco budget. I made a little moodboard with a bunch of items I would love to get and I thought it would be fun to share it with you all. And to be honest, some of these items I already ordered in the meanwhile. Ooops.


See something perfect for your little nest as well? I’d love to hear what kind of vibes you like for your home.

1&2. HAY Tray Tables
3. Eames Style RAR Rocking Armchair
4. Bloomingville tealight holders
5. Bimala Brass Lantern
6. Bloomingville flower pot
7. MENU POV Wall Candleholder
8. LaForma chairs, white
9. ZUIVER floor lamp
10. Bloomingville geometric vase
11. House Doctor Triangle Bowl

Interior pictures via Pinterest.