Hi ladies, I already told you about Operation: Cozy Up and how I’m changing my apartment’s interior step by step. (If you missed the article, make sure to have a look. I promise you’ll like it.) Well, as time is passing by and after bumping into lots of webshops, I came across a neat shop called MisterDesign. Hello-oh, the name alone already sounds pretty awesome.

I got even more excited when I noticed it was a Belgium webshop. I mean, why is it that for some reason, 8 out of 10 webshops only deliver to the Netherlands. Why? We Belgian peeps also love designer items for our house damn it…

Comes in MisterDesign. Nice to meet you!


After snooping around on the webshop for about an hour (seriously, they have it all — and even more — oh boy) I busted myself ending up with way too many items in my shopping cart. Recognize the situation when you wanna check out and realize you’ll just have to make a selection? That “oh my god I can’t buy it all” feeling. Followed by those few seconds minutes of asking yourself “or can I?But then reality kicks in and you realize your wallet isn’t an endless money fountain and we need to be reasonable. And I’ll admit, my common sense said the same.

But the heart wants what the heart wants. And for now, it really wants a piece of MisterDesign.


Anyway, I decided to narrow it down to a couple of items I really love and think would be perfect in our new interior. Now it’s only a matter of picking the one(s) I will actually order. I already have a pretty good idea, but hey, let’s make it fun and let me know which item you would buy out of these 6! I’d love to hear! Who knows, you might even change my mind (or make it even harder to pick).

1. Magazine holder – Frederik Roije (uuh, wow!)
2. POV Candle-stand Table – Menu (in sale as we speak!)
3. Wired lamp gold – Design House Stockholm (how amazing is this one! Too bad it’s too expensive for my wallet…)
4. Hexagon Pot (3 sizes) – Ferm Living
5. Wire Basket (3 sizes) black – Ferm Living
6. SM05 Stoel – Pastoe

Oh before I forget, for my followers from the Netherlands: there is also a .nl shop available. You guys really get it all don’t you! #luckyyou