It has been a couple of months now since I started operation ‘Cozy Up’ but things are finally coming together! And so far, I’m super excited about the result. I was so sick of coming home to a place that didn’t feel us, and that lacked character and inspiration. Things desperately needed to change.

‘Cause don’t we all want a place that inspires us, a home that we love to actually come home to?

Our vision was clear, or let’s say my vision was clear. xD After sharing the plans with the boyfriend, I even got him excited and an official go was in the pocket. Yeeha! I started selling some pieces and some furniture, and I did a bunch of DIY projects together with my Dad (this is one of them). The search for those perfect items wasn’t always easy, but is was fun. In the meanwhile, the light at the end of the tunnel is coming closer. And it’s looking perfect to me! Can’t wait until I’m completely done.

I made some interior pictures of some details to give you an idea on the vibes going on in our apartment right now. Hope you’ll like them!

my-home_interior_new_vibes_scandinavian_swedish_finnish_love_homesweethome_personal_lovelifelovefashion-3Drawing Mannequin (via my Mom’s closet) – Vogue covers in Action frames – Ikea cactus set – Normann Copenhagen candleholder (via Ydee Ghent)

my-home_interior_new_vibes_scandinavian_swedish_finnish_love_homesweethome_personal_lovelifelovefashion-1Ferm Living back plant stand – old vintage frame with Vogue poster – our self made dining table

my-home_interior_new_vibes_scandinavian_swedish_finnish_love_homesweethome_personal_lovelifelovefashion-4Menu POV Candlestand black

my-home_interior_new_vibes_scandinavian_swedish_finnish_love_homesweethome_personal_lovelifelovefashion-2White flowerpot – black candle holder House Doctor – wooden candle holder – pink golden wired lamp – recycled bottle – Ikea frames – The Oak Men lamp 


We’ve been living without a dinning table for weeks! But seeing the result of our new table my Dad and I made, makes the wait so so worth it! It’s completely made from scratch. One very old tree, two table legs made out of stainless steel, some paint and lots of sanding gave us this beautiful and unique table which we absolutely adore!