Call me officially late but with the new year officially happening (damn, is it really almost february already?!) I thought it would be fun to make a little list with things I would like to do in 2015. Even though I have a large bucket list, I realized the small things also matter. That they can be equally fun, challenging and just as important. And when you think about it, you’ll get surprised on how some of those little things never seem to happen.


So here it comes, my 2015 light version bucket list:

1. Change the interior of our appartement so it will feel more us. (I feel DIY projects coming!)
2. Celebrate my parents’s 25 anniversary and spoil them like crazy.
3. Make our 5 year anniversary and my 25th birthday special days.
4. Get even more out of my comfort zone and challenge myself.
5. Plan some city trips … Due to the lack of time (oh and money, that too) our big trip to Vietnam won’t happen this year. So I decided this would be a year of city trips. As many as possible for little prices.


Okay, now that I re-read this list. There are some pretty major things on it. So let’s add some really small things as well:

1. Have breakfast in bed. Once every 3 months.
2. Organise BBQs with friends from the moment spring arrives.
3. Watch a sunrise. Even if it means we need to get up at 5.30 AM.
4. Visit flea markets once in a while to find some treasures.
5. Read that zombie survival book I got for my birthday last year. (I kid you not, I need to prepare!)


What’s on your to do list for this year? I’d love to hear the smallest and biggest item!