What many agree was the coldest 23 May ever, was also the day I had a shoot planned for my blog. A small part of me wanted to crawl up in a big fluffy blanket and drink hot coco, but as my Dad always told me: if you do something, give your absolute best, no matter what. So I ignored the cold, put on my brave face and got a professional to do the shoot. As it’s an absolute must for me that my blog has that right look and feel, I asked a local photographer, Marion Braque, to help me out with this. Location: the old ‘loodsen’ (big barns) in Ghent nearby the water. A real gem. Although one of them is renovated and turned into office space and lofts, there is one that’s totally stripped down, really rusty and abandon. Beautiful and perfect for the shoot.

Behind the scenes 3While the temperature dropped to about 6°C, the wind was getting stronger and the last ray of sunshine was making place for its frenemy: rain, I was ready for my first shoot ever. Never back down. So while I was being nervous yet very excited, I tried to pretend that it was 20° and that every pose was perfectly comfortable. Rock stinging in my back? What rock? All I feel are clouds.

Only until I was changing outfits outside, I really realized how cold I was. Need. Help. To. Close. My. Shirt. Buttons. *insert shaking* Good thing my boyfriend was there to support me, to help were needed and to bring drinks and yummy stuff.

behined-the-scenes_01I have to admit, it was intense! And it totally changed my view on models and what they have to do on a daily base. I realized that there is much more to it than you would think. Bear Grylls, eat your heart out.

Another big challenge was (and still is) is getting used to that camera that was getting way too close (bye bye personal bubble). It’s one thing to have someone making a spontaneous picture of you and your friends. But this was photography on a whole other level. Comfort zone aside, I’m very thrilled about the result! Marion, the photographer, really helped me and gave instructions when needed to let the outfits come out perfectly and the way I pictured it in my head. Hurray!

Before I knew it, it was a wrap. (Yes, I even yelled “It’s a wrap, people!”.) Back home I jumped into my pyjama, rolled myself up on the coach with blankets and got served with a nice cup of hot coco (thank you, honey!). In the end it turned out to be a great day filled with “first ones” and new challenges.

Hope you like will like the result as much as I do. Some posts focussing on the outfits will follow soon.