For a long time I’ve wanted to buy a bright colored lipstick. But truth be told, I don’t know that much about make-up and I simply had no idea which color fits my skin best. But what you don’t know yourself, you ask someone else.

So when I was walking through the street of Ghent this weekend, I stopped by ici Paris XL with an open mind, ready to be educated.

After staring for 30 minutes at all the different lipsticks, I asked the make-up artist for advice. Please. Help. Me. *Desperate voice*


We tried out a few colors but when I saw myself with this color, I was totally hooked. It’s a Coco Chanel one, called Cambon (n°31). Even though I just bought it, I already know it will become one of my favorites!



Because I’m not really tanned, the lady in the store advised me to add some blush when putting on this lipstick. Best advice ever! I was surprised about the difference myself, so I just had to buy that too. That day, I went home with my first blush ever. It’s from a brand I hadn’t heard of yet (Catrice), so I’m curious to find out if it’s any good. Stay tuned.


Clinique Gloss

My last item is a Long Last Glosswear SPF 15 of Clinique. And I actually got it because it was in sales. And because it has this amazing soft color. Unfortunally I forget how sticky lipgloss can be (don’t you just hate that!). But okay, it gives that extra sparkle which is perfect for a nice evening out and last quite long. So for those special night I do love this one.


What’s your ultimate *I-can’t-without-it* beauty product?!