While the sun is disappearing behind big grey clouds, rain starts to fall down and thunder arrived. Fine by me because I’m totally focused on this purple nail polish and taking shots for this post. Normally my boyfriend helps out with the picture part, but he’s away for work and I didn’t feel like postponing this nail art because of it. (Look at me being al independent.)

But seriously, you don’t wanna know the positions I was in and the attributes I’ve used to keep the flowers on it’s place and the focus of my camera on the right part of my hand. Apparently I’m more flexible and creative than I thought.


• Purple nail polish (this one is 180 acoustic purple by Givenchy)
• Tweezers (how cute are these!)
• Nail art stickers
• Little scissors



1. Like always, start by painting your nails. Two thin coats with enough dry-time in between should do the trick.

2. Because most nail art stickers are created for very long nails, I decided to cut these into two half’s. Less waist and I have twice as much to use.

3. Carefully take off one half with the tweezers and position it above your nail of choice.

4. Gently attach the sticker by pressing on it. Start at the top (closest to your skin) and work your way down to avoid air in between the sticker and your nail.

5. Take your scissors and cut off the leftovers. If necessary you can also use a nail file. (Taking this shot was a true challenge! I almost ended up with tied fingers.)

6. Depending on the quality of the stickers, you can opt for an extra see-through layer and that’s basically it. And will you look at that, it stopped raining too.


What do you think? Personally, I’m a big fan of this purple color and I’m really surprised of the cool effect these stickers give.