On the menu this week: a simple DIY nail art post. I had a little thing planned last week (A+ for being mysterious) and my outfit was kinda jungle/tropical themed.As I had these two nail polish colors that I hadn’t tried out yet, and that actually perfectly matched my outfit, I tried to paint my nails within a time frame of 10 minutes while taking pictures.

Let’s begin!

No words needed because it’s all very straightforward. So allow me to just show some pictures of the different steps. ;-)




Matching nails for my jungle look. I’ll post the outfit that went with it as soon as possible! Pinky swear. You can read more about my ‘mysterious’ night here.

DIY_Go-Green_nailart_pronails_Green_kaki_lovelifelovefashionOh yes, before I forget. The colors I used are Haunted Green and Shade of Jade. Both from Pronails. Would you wear these colors yourself?