As long as I can remember I loved to paint my nails with different colors or glitter. At that age, I always ended up with more nail polish on my hands and in my hair than actually on my nails though. But since I’ve started to use Gelish, I’ve been getting better and better and I started to experiment a lot with creative details. And all because of one simple reason: They last long! Nothing sucks more than doing your nails and damage them within the first hour. A girl going crazy is usually what follows. (I’m sure you know the feeling.)

Although I’m definitely not a professional, I’m usually very satisfied about the end result. And after all, practice makes perfect. Right? ;-)

Below I’ll go through the steps I apply. Again, I’m not a professional so it’s likely that others use different timings, products (like O.P.I or shellac) and/or extra steps.

What you need

• UV or Led lamp for curing
• Base coat
• Top coat
• Some colors
• Gelish® Soak Off Nail Remover OR 100% acetone polish remover
• Gelish® Cleanser OR one of the many alternatives

Gelish 1

Let’s begin!

1. Make sure your nails are clean and that there’s no nail polish left from a previous experiment
2. Softly push back the cuticle and clean the surrounding nail (if they are too hard, first soak in some water or take a steaming shower/bath)
3. Shape your natural nail the way your prefer
4. Use a cushion nail file to gently remove the shine off of the natural nail (not too much!)
Get creative_DIY_lovelifelovefashion5. Apply a base coat and dry for 90 seconds with the lamp (I have a UV lamp, when you have a Led lamp, you wont need to cure that long)

Get creative_DIY_lovelifelovefashion 76. Remove the sticky layer with some Gelish® Cleanser on a clean lint free wipe
7. Apply the first thin coat of the color that you picked (don’t get to close to the sides)

Get creative_DIY_lovelifelovefashion 68. Dry for 90 seconds
9. Apply a second thin coat of your picked color
10. Dry for 90 seconds
11. If wanted, apply some nail art and dry for 90 seconds

You can do this by using stickers, glitters or by going freestyle with one of your other colors and draw the artwork yourself. When I do this last one, I sometimes (depending on the color) dry the previous layer for an extra 60 seconds to be sure it’s dry enough.
Gelish 2This time I went for an easy way and just used one of my glitter bottles.

Get creative_DIY_lovelifelovefashion 412. Finish up with the top coat
13. Dry for *drum rolls* 90 seconds
14. Your nails will be sticky so remove this with the Gelish® Cleanser on a clean lint free wipe
15. Hold a few seconds under cold water to cure some more and your done!


Get creative_DIY_lovelifelovefashion 2

Extra tip: When I’m working with a very light color, I sometimes go crazy and apply a 3rd layer.

It’s very possible that you’ll struggle sometimes. No worries, just try again. Once you’re done, you’ll walk around with pretty nails for weeks to come. I keep mine easily beautiful for two weeks. The third week they really start to outgrow. But this all depends on how fast your nails grow of course.

Can’t wait to DIY but no inspiration? Check out my other nailart posts and give them a try. ;)