Aaargh, I’ve been dying to show this DIY post. (Not literally of course.) I’ve saw something similar like this passing by on Pinterest some time ago and knew that I wanted to try it out myself: Little minions nails! You know the minions right? From Despicable Me. I know it’s not really elegant or anything. But sometimes fun and crazy should be allowed too!

What you need

• Yellow nail polish
• Sky blue nail polish (or minion colored if that is more clear)
• Black & white nail polish
• Nailart dotting pen

Let’s begin!

1. The first step is easy. Just start by painting your nails with the yellow polish. Two thin layers should be enough to get that equal result without your actual nail color getting through.


2. Secondly, apply some blue nail polish to the tips of the nails you want to turn into these adorable minions. I’ve done this with both the help of my nail polish brush and my nail art pen.

3. You’ve got yourself a little minion body now people! Now it’s time to give it that hilarious face. Start by drawning two little strokes at both sides of your nails like you see on the picture below. While you’re at it with black, also give this little fella a mouth.

4. Now create an eye by first adding a white big dot between the black strokes.

5. When the white base is dry, add the actual eye by simply adding a little black dot. It’s okay if this isn’t perfectly in the middle. Minions never look perfect in the movie either. ^^

6. Now repeat this for other nails. Variate a bit between one eye vs two eyes, small mouth vs big mouth.


The end result should look a bit like this. Hilarious right! I keep laughing whenever I look at them. And even at work people think it’s fun! (That’s a first!)

What do you think. Would you dare to walk around with nails looking like mine right now?