There is probably no store, no magazine or no blog you can look at without coming across this Yves Saint Laurent concealer called Touche Eclat. That’s right, this one is booming and I wanted to find out myself if it was really worth all the fuzz. Okay, and because I got one during my visit at De Hovre PR a while ago and was (like any women) extremely curious. ^^


About the packaging I truly can’t express one bad word. It looks beautiful, minimalistic but luxurious and actually pretty damn practical. I mean, it’s even gold colored and all shiny. The girly girl part of me is excited so far.

The little pencil to apply the product also looked really handy. But to be honest, my inner germophobic started to wonder if this isn’t a perfect breeding place for bacteria that I’ll be applying to the most sensitive part of my face. I decided to buckle up and be brave.



I got color 02 Ivoire Lumiere which seemed the perfect shade for my skin tone. But hey, I’m no expert, so feel free to tell me otherwise if you know more about this stuff than I do. ;)

By pressing a couple of times at the end, some product will come out. The first time around, I had to click quite a few times to get something out. Now I only need one click to get that perfect amount of concealer. (I clicked a few times for these pictures to display the product better.)


When I applied it, I was immediately impressed by its texture. Creamy, moisturizing and like a feather. Perfect as many concealers tend to dry out this area on my face. (Which is weird because I rather have an oily skin.)

About the coverage I was less excited, as it won’t cover up dark circles that well… And I clearly needed a little more. It is however perfect to contour my lips when I wanna apply a bright lipstick and to dimm some redness here and there on my face.


So is it worth all the fuzz? Not sure. I suppose if you use it under foundation it will do the trick perfectly. For people like myself who rather reduce make-up to a minimum, I don’t think it’s worth the price (€34$41) because of the average coverage. On the other hand, it does has an amazing light-reflecting thing going on, making your face look brighter and I’m pretty satisfied about the result for contouring my lips. But I don’t think I would buy it again unless I can buy it with a nice discount.


What about you? Do you have this one in your make-up stash? What’s your opinion about it?