Thin hair that’s greasy after a day and a lack of volume. That’s pretty much how I can describe my situation. Nope the hair gods were not favorable when it was my turn.

Luckily there are plenty of ways to ‘cheat’ a little. Volume mousses, powders or sprays, special shampoos and my all time favorite: dry shampoo. Perfect for those days you don’t feel like washing your hair because your bangs look somewhat greasy. (The downside of modeling it 20 times a day I suppose.)

Let me go through three brands I’ve tried out so far.


This fresh lemon smelling one from Garnier was the first one I tried. Hard to miss as its appealing bottle caught my eye immediately. Shake before use, spray from a distance and leave on for some minutes. Comb and you’re done. Sounds much easier to get rid of any greasiness then washing my hair, that’s for sure.

And yup, it’s that easy. Downside about this one: the effect starts disappearing after 4 to 5 hours. A bit disappointing as I would expect to at least get through the day.

Dry-Shampoo_droogshampoo_Garnier_Syoss_schwarzkopf_hair_products_beauty_lovelifelovefashion-2Garnier | Ultra Doux Dry Shampoo | €6,99


This one actually pleasantly surprised me. Syoss is known for a great price/quality ratio, and even though I’ve used some Syoss stuff that actually didn’t made me very excited, this one does.

The one thing I’m missing from the Garnier one (the long lasting effect) I’m actually getting with ease from this one. It’s a bit harder to get rid off the white/gray filter you have initially when putting it on, but for an extra day without washing and some extra volume, I don’t mind combing my hair an extra minute.

It smells pretty great too by the way. I can’t really put my finger on it, somewhat lemon/citrus like but very subtle.

Dry-Shampoo_droogshampoo_Garnier_Syoss_schwarzkopf_hair_products_beauty_lovelifelovefashion-3Syoss | Anti-grease Dry Shampoo | €4,99


I’m not gonna spend too many words on this one. A huge gray filter which is almost impossible to get rid off (seriously, granny alert) and not much effect, makes this one my least favorite one. The bottle already mentions to shake well before use, but damnit, if I’d shaken it any harder than I did, I would’ve lost an arm.

Even though the bottle looks quite simple, I can really appreciate the design. But overall, quite disappointing. I did expect more of it. Sorry Schwarzkopf, a big mèh this time.


Schwarzkopf | Cotton Fresh Dry Shampoo | €3,99


Obviously, the result you get by using a dry shampoo will never be as great as when you actually wash your hair. But it’s a great plan B for when you prefer to snooze a bit longer.


What about you, ever tried one of these? Is there another one you would recommend me?