I. Hate. lipgloss! A strong statement … I realize that. But I want to make clear how I generally feel about those troubled sticky things. The only good memory I have about them is from my childhood. When I was secretly grabbing my mom’s lipgloss, so we could play dress up with a bunch of friends. We looked ridiculous, but those pretty shiny things… No kid is able to resist those. Sticky or not sticky. Along the way we realized they aren’t all that. More like a true torture when you want to do it right …


Until last week that is! I was trying out some make-up products in a store (say what?! me?!) and I remembered seeing the Expert Last – New York Color glosses on a couple of blogs with good comments. So I decided to check them out from up-close, with a very sceptic look, I decided to give lip gloss one final chance. I took two colors home. *insert dramatic sound effect*



First thing that popped to mind when I was them again at home was how much I was loving these colors. They have an impressive amount of choice so picking a color can be a challenge. Fingers crossed this wasn’t gonna end up being a big glossy glossdrama.

The package itself and the applicator looks about the same as most lip glosses, so I can’t really say anything negative about it. It looks clean and practical, which is good enough for me.



The lipgloss applicator makes it very easy to apply the product. I always have trouble knowing where to stop with lipstick because I don’t have clear contours, but with these, I have the same benefits as a lip pencil/brush.

One word: damn!

My ‘negative lipgloss  thoughts’ bubble exploded in a matter of seconds. Great pigmentation, beautiful shades, not too glossy and most importantly: not sticky! NOT. STICKY! Expert Last, where have you been all of my life?!

N° 204 CENTRAL PARK PASSION | RESULTExpert-Last_NYC_Lip-Lacqeur_gloss_pink_red_non-sticky_longlastinglovelifelovefashion-3b

N°400 BIG CITY BERRY | RESULTExpert-Last_NYC_Lip-Lacqeur_gloss_pink_red_non-sticky_longlastinglovelifelovefashion-4b

How do you generally feel about lipgloss? And more importantly, which color of the above is your favorite one?

You can find Expert Last – New York Color in most grocery stores and you pay a small price of (about) €3,99.