Rawr indeed! I got these leopard stencil stickers in a Sephora store in Spain and was extremely curious to try them out. I know it’s not that hard to draw a leopard print yourself, but I’ve always been curious about stickers like these and sometimes, just sometimes, a girl doesn’t feel like making much effort to get fun nails. Right? Right?!

Wanna see how I got this result and what I think off these stickers? Keep reading!


• Bright pink nail polish
• Lighter pink nail polish
• Stencil sticker
• Tweezers

I’ve did it with my Gelish polish so a base and top coat is definitely a must. leopard-print_nails_nailart_inspiration_pink_animail-print_gelish_DIY_lovelifelovefashion-1






Okay, honestly: this result looks pretty okay because I took the end result pictures only 2 days after I did my nails. It was looking way too messy at my cuticles edges so I didn’t really feel like spending time to obtain nice pictures. During those two days after, I peeled some of the unwanted polish off, resulting in a better looking leopard nail.


My opinion, just draw the print by hand. (Get it? Hand. Nails. No? Never mind.) The result will look way better and cleaner and you don’t need to struggle to get them looking somewhat neat. Plus these stickers are not always that cheap. So better to stop the lazy feelings and suck it up. *note-to-self*

Have you any experience with stencil stickers? Would love to hear what you think of them.