In my previous post you could read all about my enthusiasm about Herbalism and how it takes care off the redness and blemish problems I have.

Of course it’s not a miracle worker. We have to be realistic. So once in a while, a big persistent crater (let’s dramatise things a bit) seems to find its way to the surface of my skin. And even though this is happening way less then in the past, it can still happen. I blame my chocolate cravings for it.


That’s when this deadly monster comes in handy. Once a week (sometimes twice) after cleaning my face with Herbalism, I turn my bathroom into a little home spa and put on this facial mask made out of China clay and fresh peppermint.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I really don’t feel like being busy with my face because it makes me focus on the thing that I’m most insecure about. Turning it into a treat and relaxing moment makes it so much more fun. And everything simply looks better with candle light. That too.


While you have this mask on for about 5 to 10 minutes, and you can’t seem to smell anything else besides mint, this product is reaching deep down to pull the debris from your pores, getting your face back into top condition. Sounds pretty great right!


The day after, my big persistent craters have always turned into a plain, little red, spot. Much easier to camouflage and definitely much easier to leave the house with.

Just wow! And I’m not the only person that is liking this product, my boyfriend is also convinced by the strengths of this Mask, despite him being sceptic first. Although he won’t admit that to anyone else besides me. So sshhht.


Even though it’s an intense product with peppermint, my sensitive skin can handle it. The first time applying this mask, I do remember the mint feeling a bit stingy. Like it was too harsh. But after a few seconds, that feeling was gone. Probably because of the vanilla and honey doing its work.


After the combination of Herbalism and Mask of Magnaminty, I use the Lush moisturizer called Gorgeous to hydrate my skin. And for the rest of the day, I feel like I can concur the world. I’m only trying out a sample this mosturizer, so I can’t really form an opinion yet. But I’ll keep you posted about that one for sure.

A bottle of Mask of Magnaminty costs €8,60/125g. If you use it once a week for your face, it easily lasts about 4 months. And again, totally worth it!

Did you already tried out this one? Any other Lush products you would recommend?