You have seen them for sure. The fragrance bottles of Marc Jacobs are truly to die for! Adorable looking and great scents do give an amazing mix. Since this July, there’s a new variant on the market called Daisy Dream. And it’s pretty damn pwetty.


When my eye caught this adorable bottle, I was drawn to it like a little bee to honey. My inner girly girl was breaking free, doing a backflip or two and I lost control. Cuteness overload: check! There’s no way around it, every women will feel something when seeing this bottle.



About the scent: I’m not that great in describing scents (unless it’s about cookies — mmm, cookies) but here it goes: a little fruity with a hunch of a floral fragrance giving it a fresh touch. A scent I really like an which is perfect for the summer months.

On a less positive note: It’s not the strongest scent (which I don’t mind though) and I have the feeling that it fades away rather quickly. Good thing I bought a large bottle. ^^



Would I buy it again? Probably not. I do like the scent, don’t get me wrong. But there are fragrances I like equally or even more and that stay longer. Plus the price of Daisy Dream is rather high. Not that parfum is ever cheap though. ^^

Prices range between €50 – €100.

Have you seen and tried this one already?!