Lalalaaa it’s weekend ladies! What are you up to today?

Remember my birthday wishlist?! One of my besties actually got me a gift voucher for Ici Paris to get me something from my list. This way, I still had the pleasure of getting something new myself (don’t you just love that?!) without spending any money (don’t you love that even more!).On top of that, I also received a 5 euro gift voucher from Ici Paris itself because of my birthday. That left me with only 95 cents to pay myself for this beauty. Sa-weet!


The palette itself comes in a beautiful, simple but classy black box with a very subtle snake pattern. Downside is that it does need some practice to easily open it. And nope it’s not me being clumsy, the saleswoman who was helping me was also fighting to get it open. But okay, I rather have a palette that’s a bit harder to open than one that opens unwanted while in my favorite purse. BE-Creative-Makeup_Eyeshadow_BE-Amazing_Ici-Paris_review_swatches_palette_lovelifelovefashion-1


About the colors, what else is there to say than that these are pretty as hell. Perfect for my light skin tone and even more perfect to bring out the green-brownish shades my eyes have. Uhu, I’m one of those. Not blue, not green, not brown but a bit of everything. BE-Creative-Makeup_Eyeshadow_BE-Amazing_Ici-Paris_review_swatches_palette_lovelifelovefashion-4



The pigmentation of these colors are pretty great. The lighter colors are more subtle. But you can build them up very easily to get more depth.


Up close… (And I thought taking shots while doing my nails was challenging!)



This AMAZING palette (really, that’s how it’s called) should allow me to start experimenting a bit more with soft neutral colors. I’m super thrilled to get to it. I’ll probably go for the green shades first and then move on to the purple shade. I often hear those would be perfect for me, but I don’t know, I always have the feeling the purple shades make me look tired. Anyway, I already had a peek to the other palettes from BE Creative so I think that says it.

Oh, price-wise: for €25,95, you get 8 different tones. That’s 3,35 a piece. Not bad if you ask me seeing the pigmentation.


What is your impression of this palette? Do you have something of BE Creative laying in your make-up stash?