Holidays are coming *insert Coca-Cola theme song* and lots of people are having trouble with finding that one gift. Many of us go for the classic (but always great to get) gift (being a beautiful watch). I thought I’d help you out a bit by gathering a few amazing pieces.

And remember, it’s okay to buy yourself something too for Christmas. (I know I will!) Or leave this page open by accident to give someone else a not so subtle hint. ;-)


A few tips for the guys

You know your girlfriend. So go for a piece that fits here style and not necessarily something you like.


Does she always wear simple plain accessories, then go for a low-profile watch. And with low-profile I don’t mean boring. Pick a modern shaped watch with a plain color and without too much bling. It will complete her look rather than making a statement with it.


She only wears a watch on special occasions? Go for black, white, gold or silver, but choose one that stands out. Diamonds, glitters, a special print… She’s not wearing a watch to know the time. She’s wearing it to complete her fabulous outfit with an extra eye catcher. Keep it with one (max. two) of the above mentioned items to avoid that ‘too much’ effect.


She already has a few watches? Pick one which is different and unique. She won’t be able to wear it with everything but that’s okay. There’s a reason she already bought a few watches. She want’s them to fit perfectly with the look and simply likes change. You know, same goes for shoes… ;-)

And if you really don’t know where to start, just contact one of her best friends or possibly her sister, to help you pick. They will be happy to do so and should know her style. ;-)

Good luck! x

1. Rumbatime, Black Orchard Watch, €34.58
2. Emporio Armani Gianni T-Bar Watch AR1727, €376.04
3. Michael Kors, Gold Stainless Steel Ladies Watch, €309
4. Kate Spade New York, Goldtone Multicolor Interchangeable Glitter Strap Watch, €176
5. Goldtone Glitter Interchangeable Strap Watch, €176
6. Michael Kors, Slim Runway Watch, €125.70
7. Burberry, Goldtone Stainless Steel & Haymarket Leather Watch, €388
8. Diesel, Black Diesel Watch, €159
9. Timex Modern Easy Reader Watch, €65.94
10. Marc by Marc Jacobs, Baker Round Enamel Case Stainless Steel, €179,00
11. FOLLI FOLLIE, Day Dream Watch, €173

Cover picture via Pinterest – daisychainsanddreamers