Looks like, after the bad dresses parade that passed the People’s Choice Awards, many celeberties had a second look at the outfit they were planning to wear for the Golden Globes Awards, and changed it. With success! Because this round had some damn fine dresses floating over the red carpet. Damn fine.

And like the one basic lesson tells us: on a red carpet, do the ‘one hand on the waist’ pose.

Amber-Heard_Taylor-Swift_Golden Globes_Red Carpet_Dresses_2014_lovelifelovefashion Amber Heard – Taylor Swift (In love with both dresses! They look stunning!)

Anna Gunn_Ariel Winter_Golden Globes_Red Carpet_Dresses_2014_lovelifelovefashion Anna Gunn (how the hell does she walk with that dress?!) – Ariel Winter (Not bad, but also not wow.)

Kelly Osbourne_Amy Adams_Golden Globes_Red Carpet_Dresses_2014_lovelifelovefashionKelly Osbourne (Classic, elegant and she looks great it in.) – Amy Adams (Not a fan of the top part of her dress.)

lupita nyongo_cate blanchettt_Golden Globes_Red Carpet_Dresses_2014_lovelifelovefashionLupita Nyongo (simple yet beautiful) – Cate Blanchettt (Royal princess walking by!)

Lena Dunham_Kaley Cuoco_Golden Globes_Red Carpet_Dresses_2014_lovelifelovefashionLena Dunham (No!) – Kaley Cuoco (Big improvement compared to her people choice’s award dress but still not convinced.)

Margot Robbie_Leslie Mann_Golden Globes_Red Carpet_Dresses_2014_lovelifelovefashionMargot Robbie (love!) – Leslie Mann (Lookin’ good!)

Michelle Dockery_Uma Thurman_Golden Globes_Red Carpet_Dresses_2014_lovelifelovefashionMichelle Dockery (incredibly adorable!) – Uma Thurman (Maybe it’s the picture or lightning but I don’t like the difference in structure between the top and bottom part of the dress.)

Reese Witherspoon_Louise Roe_Golden Globes_Red Carpet_Dresses_2014_lovelifelovefashionReese With(outh)erspoon (I actually like the simplicity of it. The color gives it that something extra and it doesn’t need more than that.) – Louise Roe (Lace and red, always tricky but beautiful with her tanned color and dark curls.)

Robin-Wright_Sandra Bullock_Golden Globes_Red Carpet_Dresses_2014_lovelifelovefashion Robin Wright (where are her shapes?) – Sandra Bullock (I don’t know what happened here…)

Tina Fey_Sara Hayland_Golden Globes_Red Carpet_Dresses_2014_lovelifelovefashion Tina Fey – Sara Hayland (what an amazing color.

Zoe Saldana_Jennifer Lawrence_Golden Globes_Red Carpet_Dresses_2014_lovelifelovefashionZoe Saldana – Jennifer Lawrence (I’m not sure which one is worse.)

Zooey Deschanel_Julia Roberts_Golden Globes_Red Carpet_Dresses_2014_lovelifelovefashionZooey Deschanel (Lovely! So sweet and adorable.) – Julia Roberts (Too bad she forget to take off her shirt. It’s killing the elegance.)

Personally I see a lot more winners this time. Of course I’m also interested in your opinion. Which one is your favorite and which one would you never wanna wear?

Fun fact: see how (except Lena Dunham) nobody is actually wearing a necklace. I suppose all eyes should be on the dress?!