Many of us might think boring or too classic when they think of wood. Well think again, because these babies with wooden frame are über awesome and super sexy. Enter Time For Wood! TFW is a young brand with already lots of success despite only being founded in 2012.


I don’t know if it’s because of my green heart, my last name (Van Houte, which loosely translates to “from wood”) or my father’s love for wood (carpenter), but I really adore these sunglasses. You have them in different types of wood (ebony, bamboo or rosewood) and the best thing is that these gems are hand-made. True pieces of art. Each modal is unique as two pieces of wood never look the same. So instead of choosing between gold or silver, plastic or metal, simply go for this option and stand out. Perfect for those who like to try out new things and wanna be a trendsetter. If this isn’t gonna be a new big thing this summer, I don’t know what will.

Another great plus, they look amazing on both men and women. So maybe you can share one with your love? Unless you think you’ll fight over it? ;-) And don’t worry, although they’re made out of wood, they’re generally super light (around 30 gr).

Can’t wait to get one of your own? I thought so. Hurry and get yours over here. Prices range between €70 an €90. Oh, before I forget, definitely check out the watches they make as well, while you’re at it.

Photos by TFW