Who likes short shorts?! We like short shorts! (Sing for effect.) That’s right, time for a post about shorts. Some people love them, others will dodge them with evasive maneuvers and with scared or hateful eyes.

Personally, I always liked shorts more than skirts. Don’t ask me why, I’m just so much more comfortable in them. That doesn’t mean I don’t wear skirts of course, nor that you shouldn’t. There are just too many cute ones not to be wearing them. But if I had to choose, definitely shorts!







Anyway, summer break is nearing and many of us will go on sunny holidays. If so, shorts should definitely be on your ‘to bring’ checklist. (Don’t forget your fashionable sunglasses either.) It’s perfect for those days filled with activities and you can still let your legs enjoy the sun and get that nice tan. And let’s face it, bungee jumping, riding an elephant, climbing a mountain or anything like this, is not something you can want to be doing with a skirt on…

1. Rules by Mary,  Kay shorts – € 76,95
2. H&M shorts – €14,95
3. Denim & Supply Ralph Lauren Classic Poplin Shorts – € 87,95
4. BSK ethnic embroidered shorts – €25,99
5. Bershka tropical print shorts – €25,99
6. Vero Moda GAMBLER Jeans shorts – €29,95
7. Roxy ROSIE Jeans shorts Roze – €59,95
8. BamBam Jeans shorts Blauw – €64,95