Spectacles are no longer seen as just a functional item. They’ve become a real fashion item that people that aren’t visually challenged also like to buy. *guilty as charged*

Everywhere I look I see spectacles and more than ever I’ve started paying attention to them. So when I saw the new Vogue Eyewear Autumn/Winter 2013 collection, I was automatically hooked like velcro.

The collection worn in the pictures below by Eva Mendes is playful, trendy, colorful and fashion forward. All of the styles reflect Vogue Eyewear’s taste for femininity, playfulness and contemporary style. These models are embellished by exclusive details that compliment their modern look.

Although I like all the models, the two last ones are definitely my favorites!

VO_2813B_EvaMendes_oriz.indd VO2813B, available in an Asian fit version and in a wide range of color combinations, including purple top on sand, opaline blue top on ice, dark purple top on clear purple, black, and dark Havana.

VO_2814_EvaMendes_oriz.inddVO2814, available in a particularly appealing color selection, including dark Havana with either red, blue or pearled violet in the inside, light Havana with beige interior and classic black.

VO_2836B_EvaMendes_oriz.indd VO2836B, The palette ranges from classic black and dark Havana to opaline violet, opaline beige
and bordeaux.

VO_2819S_EvaMendes_oriz.indd VO2819S, available in many colors, from black to dark Havana, opaline red cherry, opaline lilac and opaline green.

VO_2832SB_EvaMendes_oriz.indd VO2832SB, The color palette includes stylish clear and gradient tones, in combinations like black front with black/gunmetal temple, transparent blue front with transparent blue/silver temple, and transparent bordeaux front with dark bordeaux/silver temple, classic dark Havana and
green/black gunmetal.

Cover modal: VO2844S, The palette ranges from black to light Havana, shiny blue, shiny red and shiny violet.

Pictures by Media Mania PR