Dying to know which shoes you should buy the coming season? Don’t worry, I’ve collected some of the must-haves to get through to the fall/winter 2013-2014 period looking stylish and fabulous. So stop worrying and just continue reading.

The biggest trends for next season include details in metallic, black, animal prints, hairy look and thicker soles. Oh yes and boots. In all their glory: ankle boots, high boots and low-cut boots. You can’t go wrong with boots next season.

Another thing that you will continue to see on the streets are the running inspired shoes. Think Nike Air. I can’t help it but I’m really not a fan of this trend. I still believe that running shoes are for sports. And nothing else. If I really wanna walk comfortably, I’ll just go for comfy sneakers or ballerinas. Cute and practical.

Season Gear

1. Michael Kors, Leather and Furry Boots
2. Clarks, Anika Kendra Natural-snake
3. Giuseppe Zanotti, Leather Motorcycle Boots
4. Old Navy, Womens Faux Animal Fur Ankle Boots
5. Zara, Leather Ankle Boots with Straps
6. Blink, Alonsaa Snake
7. Fendi, Fur Stiletto Boots
8. Steve Madden, Monicaa boots
9. Zara, Methacrylaat
10. Korean Style, Lace-up Thick Sole Sport Shoes Black
11. Maruti footwear, Stockholm Zebra Pony Hair
12. Chrissie Morris, Snakeskin and Leather Dakota Booties
13. New Look, Ravel Black Metal Detail Party
14. Caroline Biss, High Boots with Snake Print