Rihanna’s latest line with UK-based retailer River Island is clearly street style inspired. The Fall 2013 Collection is a mix of street style with high design. Think: street-meets-high-fashion with a little glamour sprinkled on top. Me likey! But to be completely fair; not everything in the collection makes my heart race. I’m sure RiRi can pull them of, but I’m not in love with every item like I do sometimes.

The camouflage-printed shirts, skirts, and towering, bold stripes and heeled combat boots are typically her. Also crop tops and mesh maxi dresses are to be found in this collection and all represent the style she seems to love the most.








The shoes from up close…
riri shoes

Your chance to dress like this celeb will get bigger this September, and will continue through November.

Oh yes, interesting to know: the campaign is shot by Lachlan Bailey, styled by Mel Ottenberg, and directed by Rihanna herself. Is there anything she can’t do?!