I just discovered that Ray-Ban is revamping their most popular and emblematic sunglasses! This new piece of awesomeness is called the Ray-Ban Clubmaster.

For all of you that have a weakness for retro but still wanna be trendy, Ray-Ban is reinventing one of its most iconic pieces, which symbolizes a whole generation of eyeglass wearing people. They have their roots in the non-conformist intellectual spirit of the fifties and sixties. You have them in different colors and they have an aluminum frame. Also the color of the glasses can be picked, so you can personalize your pair they way you want.

Seeing the success of this brand the past few years, the Ray-Ban Clubmaster is surely the cult product of the coming season!




What do you think of this model? Curious to find out so feel free to leave a comment.

Pictures by Media Mania