The MTV Video Music Awards 2013 are a wrap. Whether it’s because of Miley Cyrus’ rather special performance (wearing nothing more than nude PVC hot pants and matching top) or the speech of Taylor Swift, we’ve all seen (or all least heard about) the MTV Video Music Awards.

But these aren’t the only nor most exciting things about that evening. What interests me the most as a fashion lover are of course the outfits! Some were overdressed, others underdressed, some eccentric, and than you have those perfect Red Carpet outfits. You always have a bit of everything when there’s a Red Carpet event and each time I can’t wait to see those first pictures.

As enthusiastic I can get sometimes, I’ve gathered some outfits of the evening so we would remember more than only Miley’s performance. ;-)

The most eccentric of the evening…

Lil Kim_Miley Cirus_Grimes_Katy Perry_MTV MVA 2013_lovelifelovefashionLady Gaga was (as usual) the big winner. She had about five different outfits for the evening (including her performance). One crazier than the other and some of them leaving almost nothing to the imagination.

Lady Gaga_MTV MVA 2013_lovelifelovefashionThe most transparent looks of the night…

Erin Wasson Selena Gomez_Iggy Azalea_Ciara_MTV MVA 2013_lovelifelovefashionWinners of the evening!

Although I like the outfit of Ciara and Selena Gomez, my favorite look of the evening was the one of Holland Roden.
Holland Roden_MTV MVA 2013_lovelifelovefashionHolland Roden was wearing a ‘dress-pants’ of the Naeem Khan Resort 2014 collection, Rupert Sanderson heels, and a H. Stern ring. I adore her outfit like crazy!

It has a high glamour level, some princess vibes and all with a modern twist. I find it one of the most original looks of the evening and by that definitely my favorite.

Which outfit do you love? (Or hate?) Love to hear your thoughts!

Pictures by Getta & Reuters