Marc Jacobs’ goodbye at Louis Vuitton is getting closer and closer. His final campaign for Louis Vuitton is the one for Spring 2014 and after that, it’s bye-bye Marc, hello Darren Spaziani.

Sadly enough, the brand has made it clear that it’ll be moving towards more expensive and even more exclusive goods (like it wasn’t already before). So hold on ladies, because the Spring 2014 collection features a handful of bags that range between $20,000 and $40,000.

It’s perfectly fine to stare with widespread mouth and eyes for a minute. And go ahead, add a serious WTF look!





Although it’s crazy expensive in a way that I would wanna say, ‘oh no! that’s it! I stop loving you’, there is always that one item every time that is just adorable and makes me do otherwise. But not $20,000-worthy adorable.

So let’s all dream together a bit about more unreachable beauties that will hit the fashion market and then move on. Either that or everyone should donate $2/€2! Your pick ladies! ;-)

To see more of the collection, click here.