That’s right, I said it. Fashion isn’t only about the clothes and the shoes, the pretty jackets or the chic purses. The accessories (ooh, the accessories) or the make-up. And it’s definitely not about the “perfect” size. No, the most important thing is to wear it all with pride and confidence. It’s about finding the right combination that perfectly fit your body shape, that highlights your assets and to be original with colors, prints and accessories. It’s about having fun, taking risks, discovering yourself and about feeling good about the end result.

Because let’s face it. You can wear an amazing dress of Valentino, a fancy sweater of Ralph Lauren or shining in those Jimmy Choo’s. Without the right attitude, people won’t buy it. If you don’t believe it, why would they. So make it happen, make it real, believe it and others will too!

Jennifer Lawrence is a nice example for how to do this. She tripped during the Academy Awards and lost almost half her dress while she climbed the stage at the SAG Awards. But instead of searching for the closest exit out, she made a joke about it, held her head up high and sparkled like nothing happened. Impressing! Lesson learned: Don’t take stuff like that too seriously and just love and enjoy life.

Btw, don’t you agree that the Dior dress she was wearing at the Academy awards looks fabulously amazing! I would totally wanna get married in that!

Photos by Getty