There was a time when leather items were not done. With the exception of the occasional ‘leader pants with cut out but cheeks’ or ‘leather skirts only come with a whip and long red shiny boots’ scenes in comedies, you never actually saw people wear anything leather aside from a purse or shoes. (Or at least I didn’t.)

Nowadays, these items are actually big trends and they truly look great. Leather pants, leather jackets, leather dresses, leather skirts… You name it. You can even create a soft look with them if you combine ‘m right.

So if you need some ideas in terms of must-buy items during sales, these are it! Not convinced yet? Check out these pics of pretty leather skirts and you’ll change your mind in a heartbeat.

pinterest_leather skirt_trend_leather_lovelifelovefashion D

pinterest_leather skirt_trend_leather_lovelifelovefashion B

pinterest_leather skirt_trend_leather_lovelifelovefashion C

Some extra tips that definitely need to be mentioned:
Don’t show too much skin. Leave something to the imagination girls. ;-) Meaning, no short leather skirt + a ‘here are my boobs’ top. (I said NO!)

  1. Making a leather look cuter and softer can easily be done by combining it with a comfy sweater or girly blouse. Or you can go for thick tights and a cool pair of sneakers to make it more street-style.
  2. Pick one that doesn’t look cheap. Meaning, stay away from the very glossy leather items.
  3. Stay away from shiny red knee-height heels (obviously)!
  4. Last but not least, don’t be scared to pick another color than traditional black.

pinterest_leather skirt_trend_leather_lovelifelovefashion A

How about you? Do you already have a leather piece hanging in your closet? Or are you still looking for that perfect one?

Pictures via Pinterest, Asos and Philip Lim.