When I was six, Halloween costumes were rather limited. Or you went for the evil witch or you turned yourself in a ‘scary’ ghost. I admit, not very original what so ever.

Luckily times have changed and we have way more options these days. Even high fashion allows us to dress up looking fabulous yet spooky with a touch of scary-dangerous sexiness. And for those who still need some extra inspiration (because pulling a white sheet over your head is your best idea so far), check out these cool options and take on the Halloween challenge!


Already a clear view on your Halloween character of this year? Love to hear about it!

1. Charlotte Olympia, Bite Me Kitty, £495
2. Alexander McQueen, Silver Punk Skull Clutch, €1546
3. Bernard Delettrez, Bronze Spider On Silver Webs Necklace, €589
4. Bernard Delettrez,, Gold Black Nappa Leather Clutch With Skeleton Hand, €750
5. ASOS, Gold Cat Ears Ring, €7
6. Charlotte Olympia, Vampira, £975
7. Charlotte Olympia, Trick Or Treat, £495
8. Topshop, Black Lace Cat Ears, €8

9. Delfina Delettrez, Silver Special Order Skeleton Hand Bracelet, €17160
10. Alexander McQueen, Black Punk Skull Peep Toe, €884
11. Charlotte Olympia, Black Fancy Bat, €462

12. Charlotte Olympia, Earrings, £75
13. Charlotte Olympia, Orange Boo, €462
14. Bernard Delettrez, Gold Bronze Skeleton Hand Necklace, €1875
15. Pamela Love, Gold Spider Earrings, €116

16. Charlotte Olympia, Web Flat In Black Gold, €504