No I’m not a fan of the Dutch soccer team. I am however cheering for orange in fashion. It’s sophisticated with a bit of drama and so refreshing.

Every designer seems to agree that orange is the new black, and you’ll see that they translate that into their collections. Although orange was already the popular kid on the block this winter, it now made it as the most fashionable summer color of 2013.

SEEN ON THE CATWALKChristian Dior_Prada_Versace_Cacharel_Orange 2013 Donna Karan_Salvatore Ferragamo_Isabel Marant_Kenzo


Oange_2013_Dorothy Perkings_Hermes_H_Jalyn_Nelly_Reed Krakoff_YSL_Zare_clutch_blazer_Necklace_Heels_Sandals_Bracelet_top

1. Reed Krakoff, crepe blazer 
2. Zara, orange clutch
3. Nelly, statement necklace
4. Illini, polkadot scarf
5. Zara, high heels
6. Dorothy Perkings, top
7. Hermes, Enamel H Bracelet
8. Jalyn, bracelet
9. A Piedi, flat sandals
10. Yves Saint Laurent, lipstick orange magic women

Cover picture via Pinterest, wethepeoplestyle