The secret to a great outfit is a purse. It makes or breaks it. At least, that’s my opinion. Uhu, you already know where I’m going with this right … For years I loved one bag in particular just that little more. I always found it extra special and I always thought it had something magical. I’m talking about the Classic black Chanel 2.55 (lambskin — not the caviar one, that one is a little too rough for my taste). Anyway, of course Chanel. Isn’t Chanel everyone’s favorite?

But let’s face it. That price … crazy. And I’m not saying it’s not worth it. Not at all. If you know how these bags are made, how many stitches are used, what the quality of the leather is, as well as the precision of the pattern … I get it. (but again, still a sh!tload of money.) And until now, I had so many other things that just got priority. Like traveling and saving for the future. Nowadays saving money isn’t just the best thing to do anymore. (Or that’s what I keep telling myself.) ‘Investing’ on the other hand ^^

So for a couple of months now, I’ve been having a serious duel with myself. Should I, or shouldn’t I. H.E.L.P.




it lifts every outfit (even the casual ones) to a higher level
it’s the holy grail of designer bags #amen
it’s a classic = it never goes out of style
it’s hahaba-beautylicious
well, if not now, then probably never


duuh, the price. €4.500 is a whole lot of money #auwch Luckily there are plenty of trustworthy second-hand shops that offer better prices
walking around with a bag that expensive … would I even dare to. What if something happens to it.
it often feels ridiculous to spend so much money on an item while so many people don’t even have money to get something to eat

… You see. Self-conflicted. My boyfriend already joked around that whenever he would propose, he’ll just put a cheap ring in a Chanel bag. Fine by me! xD

How do you feel about the subject? Would you ever give so much money for a designer bag? And if so, for which one?

Pictures via Pinterest.