Or NOT! Fashion doesn’t have to be expensive. Sure, we all dream about couture and top designers. But they have a price tag that can render us depressed or make us wonder how many people can actually effort it. But it’s not the price that defines if a piece is beautiful or not. You can find lots a quality pieces with a normal (don’t-make-me-broke) price tag. And there are enough ‘get the look’ pages that can prove this. One of my favorites is this one.

“Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers. Style is what you choose.” ~Lauren Hutton

If Kate Middleton can shine in a dress of Topshop. Why can’t you?

fabf16ad-667d-4c98-9333-a3a85c39f2ae_pregnant-kate-middleton-topshop-dress-baby-bump-1The good news is that, the more clothes you can buy for a reasonable price, the more we save to treat ourself with a nice pair of designer shoes (come to mommy, Jimmy Choo). Or that Channel purse you’ve always wanted. Or even a relaxing holiday. Life isn’t always about fashion. You can’t forget to appreciate the small things too.

We’re not Liliane Bettencourt, so we can’t have it all. And if we have learnt something from the movie ‘Confessions of a shopaholic’, it’s that we have to know when to stop and realize that certain things are more important than clothes. Oh, and that a green kasmjir scarf is a good investment! It makes your eyes look bigger and your haircut more expensive! ;-)