So typical … just when you don’t want to spend any money, you’ll see all those pretty items you would personally wanna drag into your closet and stare at it 20 times a day. As I probably (I really shouldn’t, someone stop me!) won’t see these hanging between my clothes any time soon, I’ve gathered them to put on the blog. A little masochistic of me I must admit.


1. The first one, and it was love at first sight (fireworks included), I came across via Zalando. It’s from a brand called SLY 010 Addition and pretty as hell. Too bad it has a high price tag (€199,95). But it’s a piece you could hold on to for many many years.


2. These red/bordeaux heels, what can I say, I’ve wanted vampy (not sure if this a real word though) pair of heels like these for ages. This pair is the best alternative I’ve came across ever since the Louboutin variant stole my heart. Surprisingly they’re from the Buffalo brand (what?!). Totally something different then their most famous shoes from the 90s right! #guilty #embarrassed


3. The third item is a knitted sweater/coat of H&M. And honestly, I love the idea of wrapping my always-cold-body into it.


4. These golden/nude PIA pumps from SuperTrash … Ach, no words needed. They’re just freckin’ great! For people living close to Ghent, they sell them at Scarlett! *Must. Resist.*


5. Not the most usual skirt but I think it’s just awesome. Not really sure if I wouldn’t look like a short metallic Easter clock in it, but I think it’s a perfect item for those special occasions. And the good news, it’s from H&M! So totally affordable. You also have a peplum top of it by the way.


6. And finally, let me show you these two items from LUZ. I already blogged about this brand and I’m gonna make it my mission to get my hands on one of these. Next month that is. (They also have them in silver by the way. Which is good against vampires.)

Saw anything you like? What’s your current ‘I’m-obsessed-with-it-and-need-it-to-survive’ item?