Moving into a finished home would be great. But seeing how there’s no way in hell that that’s gonna happen before the end of the year, we had to go with plan B. And that’s to dive into the massive amount of options and possibilities of gifts.

ini mini miny moe

Each year, we agree on a budget and we all buy 1 gift for 1 person in the family. That way, everyone gets 1 gift and buys 1 gift. That’s the agreement we always make. Each year, we break the rules and buy these small — sometimes meaningful, sometimes silly or funny — gifts for others too. But anyway, that aside. To make sure we get something we like/want, we create a list of about 5 items to help out the person who’s buying. And because there’s not much shopping going on for me lately (except interior shopping) I went all out in the fashion department. Thank you very much Zalando! Your Holiday selection page was too pretty to resist and for a while, I even forget about all the interior items I would also love to get. ^^

For herny-wishlist-top5-christmas-for-her-women-cluse-karl-lagerfeld-rebecca-minkoff-cocoa-cashmere-ash-sabrina-dehoff-musthaves-lovelifelovefashion

  1. To start with a bang: This Cocoa Cashmere sweater by ash is to die for. Look at those fun details with cute little studs. Quality, fun, original and minimalistic. Check! Just the way I like it. A gift you just know you’ll enjoy for many many years to come.
  2. Number 2 is this soft pink Rebecca Minkoff shoulder bag. It has been on my wishlist for years now, and coming it across again on the Zalando holiday gift page… A coincidence? I don’t think so. ^^
  3. Next up is this Sabrina Dehoff necklace. A piece of jewellery looking like this is hard to resist. Especially when it’s in discount! On the list it went!
  4. To keep it within accessories for a second, number 4 is a beautiful classic Cluse rose/gold watch with leather strap. Perfect everyday arm candy!
  5. Last but not least, this adorable and fun KARL LAGERFELD shoulder bag is thé perfect bag for who loves casual minimalistic looks. This purse gives every outfit a fun touch! You know, that little extra… ^^

For him

ny-wishlist-top5-christmas-for-him-men-esprit-kack-and-jones-converse-bickleymitchell-wood-wood-musthaves-lovelifelovefashionAbove isthe top 5 of my boyfriend. For a while I was scared to receive a list filled with sweaters (he just got into his sweater period) but I love the mix of great basics he picked out.

1. A sweater?! Big shocker! #NOT But he did pick a nice quality/neutral one from Wood Wood.
2. Gloves is something many men miss in their wardrobe. They don’t need it. They’re never cold because they are a real man. They believe it’s not practical… recognise these excuses? But from the moment you’re standing outside on a Christmas market, they’re the first one to nag about cold hands. So, just give him gloves. These from Bickley Mitchell look warm and cool awesome because of the leather side. And if he gets them from you, he’ll never again will say he doesn’t wanna wear gloves. ^^
3. All black Converse sneakers. A classic… you can’t go wrong with these. Just make sure to double check his shoesize.
4. Uuh… mandotory christmas gear! Not?! These Christmas themed boxers and socks by Jack & Jones can also be a fun gift to give to your brother or best friend.
5. I love love love this edc by Esprit shirt! It has this adorable print with little birds which makes it just fun. And he’s fun… and adorable… you do the math! ^^


What’s your number 1 present for this year? Either way, wether you end up getting it or not, I hope you’ll enjoy the holidays to the fullest with friends and family! :) Let the countdown begin! ^^