Summer is on its way and that means festivals! A place to discover many new trends and how people interpret them. It’s a real source of inspiration.

To give you some ideas, I gathered some items to show you two of my favorite festival looks:

1. Festival chic
A black (or any other neutral color) high-low dress can be the center piece for this outfit. It’s sexy yet comfortable. Add some flat sandals or fancy ballerinas to look chic while you are still able to walk and dance without pain. Another essential item is a pair of sunglasses and a cross-body bag to keep your stuff close and easy to access. Finish up with some bright colored accessories and you’re ready to go.

Fluo and bright colors are the way to go this summer and in this case — less isn’t more. Colored bracelets, colored nail polish, colored handbags, … Feel free to go crazy.

To avoid looking like a clown (we don’t want that), go for natural make-up. If you need that extra sparkle, you can put on lipstick in a color you can find back in your accessories.


Forever 21 dress (similar here), Yves Saint Laurent flat sandals (similar here), Reiss handbag, YSL nail polish

2. Casual sexy
The high waist short is back and perfect for a festival. You can combine this with a tight top, loose shirt, short top, bikini top, … You name it. It’s hard to go wrong. No more money to spend? Why not cut into one of your old high waist jeans and you’ve got yourself a cool unique short.


If you feel comfortable enough, go for a short top or even a bikini top. Getting chilly? Add a simple loose cardigan and that problem is of the track.

Also for this outfit accessories are very important. The outfit itself is rather ‘simple’ (read: without much fabric). So add a bracelets, a unique pair of earrings and a necklace to make it complete. Again, wear some comfortable shoes and go for a small sized handbag. You’ll be grateful that once you’re dancing, you don’t bump into everyone with your oversized purse. To finish off you can knot a scarf in your hair to get that extra casual appearance.

Unlike the first outfit, I would stay within the same color palette for this look. For example: gold – purple! I love this combination so much.

Athena Procopiou scarf, Floral high waist Levi’s short, Mara Hoffman bikini top, Nine West sandals, Louboutin clutch (in love!), Michael Kors sunglasses, Mac nail polish

And of course, don’t forget the sunblock. Looking like a boiled lobster is never sexy. ;-)