For far too long I’ve had this pair of Levi’s that was just taking up valuable space in my closet. I bought it about 5 years ago when low waist bootcut was still the way to go. Sadly enough, after only wearing a single time, it got some ink stains on the back which was impossible to wash out.

I never found it in my heart to just throw them away so it was just hanging there doing nothing. Until last weekend… I was in a creative mood and decided to make cute shorts out of it.

What you need

• Pencil
• Tapeline
• Scissors
• Stanley knife
• Needle and thread
• Beads

Let’s begin!

1. Put on your old pair of jeans and decide how short you want to make your shorts. Draw a small line at one side so you can measure this top to bottom distance once the jeans is in front of you. Remember, better that you begin a bit longer than desired. You can always cut off another piece if you decide you want it to be shorter.

2. Take of the pants (preferably put on another pair, or not, whatever suits you ;-) (get it?!)) take the tapeline and your pencil. Use the tapeline to measure from a reference point at the top to the small line you added before when fitting. Do this twice (at the outsides) so  you can connect these two points and draw a full line.

3. Now it’s time for the the fun to begin! Take out those scissors and cut off the bottom part following the line you added. I started with a very nice cut but this was too clean for me. Because I left a bit more fabric than I wanted to end up with, I could easily cut off another piece. This time a bit messier but still calculated.

DIY shorts_levis_lovelifelovefashion 24. To get that worn down look, I used a Stanley knife to add some rips, by simply scratching in the pants. I also ravelled out the ends. This can take some time but it looks so much better once you have done this. You can ravel out the ends as much as you want, but remember that this will continue to happen during washing and wearing (not washing is not an option).

DIY shorts_levis_lovelifelovefashion 35. Because I wanted to add some details, I decided to add some beads to the left side of my pocket. You can get these in different kraft stores but I just sacrificed one of my old bracelets. Just take your needle and thread and start sewing them on.

DIY shorts_levis_lovelifelovefashion 7Once all the beads are there, go through the same steps with the other side of your jeans and your done. Now you’ve got yourself a cool original short! Saving money, being original and ecologic.

DIY shorts_levis_lovelifelovefashion_EndresultI wanna thank my mom for getting me this small SOS sewing box when me and my boyfriend moved in together. It contained everything I needed to do this. So thank you Mom, for never forgetting the small things that make life easier.

DIY shorts_levis_mamas box_lovelifelovefashion