Girls can dream, right? Well, if I would have plenty of money to buy something ridiculously expensive, these would definitely be on my Christmas wish list. (And birthday wish list. And Valentine’s… for the next five years.)

The first items are two lovely coats. A Bordeaux one of Jill Saunders and a black one with a cute bow of Valentino. Both coats are beautiful, classic pieces so I could easily keep these for years. Or probably as long is I can fit into them. ;-)


Jil Sander, Palau Double-Breasted Wool Coat – €2080 | Red Valentino, Bow Wool Blend Thick Crepe Coat – €595


Totes, shoulder bags, a clutch, cross body bags… you name it. We can’t leave the house without one of these. Therefor, three beauties on the list starting with a beautiful navy blue vintage Chanel shoulder bag (ooh, marry me), a perfect tasseled Casandra shoulder bag of (Yves) Saint Laurent (such a fan!) and an amazing leather tote of Alexander McQueen which is absolutely breathtaking and perfect for daily use. Obviously, having only one of them would already make my day year.


Chanel Vintage, Quilted leather shoulder bag – €3276 | Alexander McQueen, Heroine leather tote – €1995 |
YSL, Black Leather Tasseled Cassandre Shoulder Bag – €1408

A woman can never have enough shoes. Well ok they can, but I’m not even close to the maximum limit. So on my wish list are a few classics that I already adore for years. Beautiful Bordeaux pumps of Christian Louboutin (perfect to match with that Jill Saunders coat), a pair of silver metallic Pumps by Jimmy Choo (let’s go out tonight) and a light bronze metallic leather pair also by Jimmy Choo (in case someday I have to walk on a red carpet next to Bradley Cooper). And as every girl needs a pair of short ankle boots these Giuseppe Zanotti sweeties totally put a spell on me when we met.


Jimmy Choo Lance, Light Bronze Metallic Leather Sandal – €625 | Christian Louboutin, So Kate – €445 | Jimmy Choo, Silver Anouk Metallic Leather Pumps – €540 | Giuseppe Zanotti, Nikita leather ankle boots – €650

Now tell me, what would you buy for Christmas if money wasn’t an issue? Keen to find out!