Let’s admit it, we’ve all been infected by the Christmas Virus. Like any virus, it completely took over our system so just go with it. ;-)

This time of year makes us often feel extra euphoric and those damn stores know we have an extra weak spot for cute Xmas themed attributes. (Those smart sneaky bastards.) 

When I was in Antwerp some time ago, I was surprised to see how many items were already hanging there, ready to make us melt and make it very hard to resist. I was strong, but I couldn’t stop myself from taking a few quick pictures of items I saw in the New Look.

Hold on, loves, get ready to get jingle-belled.

Chrismas_sweaters_xmas_new look_lovelifelovefashion






Have you already bought some of these jingle themed items? C’mon, you can admit it here. I won’t tell anyone. ;)