Sweethearts, I’m so happy to tell you-all that I’ve won the September’s Blogger Battle! I’m so excited because it’s a nice confirmation that I must be doing something right as a blogger, and a great motivation to know that people do appreciate my style. I hope?! ;-)

Of course I couldn’t have done it without all the support I got from you guys. So thanks for the votes and the sweet words! It really means much more to me than you probably realize.

And for those who are interested as to what I actually won: Well, first of all, I can call myself Blogger Of The Month (how cool is that!) and if you’re curious about the interview for Follow Fashion, you can find it here. (It’s in Dutch though.)

Follow Fashion will also integrate my blog into their bloggers section, so people can easily discover my blog when visiting their website. They’ll promote outfit posts for a month and I can choose an item out of their online shop. All great prices right!

So again, thanks for all the love! Don’t forget to like lovelifelovefashion on Facebook or follow me via Bloglovin to keep up to date about what’s happening on the blog.