Last week I had a party to go to after work. And as I didn’t have enough time to go home and change, I (almost) literately dove into my closet the day before to find an effortless and suitable work/after work party outfit.

Not. Easy. At. All! I work in a big company filled with software developers, IT’ers and engineers. Fashion? Is that a new programming language?! (Exaggerated for effect.) Sometimes I just wanna take some of the guys here shopping and do a complete make-over! Oh the fun I would have.


duel_heels_vs_flats copy

Anyway, work = casual outfits for me. Meaning I eventually went for a simple jeans with a blouse, a blazer and flats. Afterwords, I quickly turned in the flats for heels and the blazer for a bright colored one, matching the heels. Some accessories, lipstick and done.

It did make me wonder though, what do you prefer to wear during the week? Does fashion matter? Or are you in a situation as I am, where pretty new shoes don’t really get noticed?

Pictures via Pinterest