That’s right. For this category I need you! This one is all about you and your style. So send me a nice quality picture of you wearing an outfit (well duh, I don’t wanna get nude pics) and tell me what you like about it or were doing while wearing the look. Everyone is welcome to send in pics and every two weeks (to start), I’ll pick out my favorite to place on the blog!

Excited? I hope so…

Wanna join? Here again what you need to do:
- Take some outfit pictures of yourself in an original outfit
- Select your top 3 and send them to
- Add a short text with what you like about it

Wanna join but don’t know how to start? Feel free to email me and we’ll make a plan. I can even help out by taking pictures of you and your look. Or check my post about ‘Making Outfit Posts 101‘ and try out the tips. Blogger yourself? This is your chance to get some new people discover you, your blog and your style!