The first one of many to come. For this weeks Tips & Tricks, l’ll talk a “little” about how the entire outfit shoot/post way-of-working goes for my blog. Cause it might look easy peasy, but I (and every other blogger for that matters) do put lots of effort and time in it. Ready for a speed course on how to create an outfit post? it will come in handy. Trust me! ;)



Yes, think. Think before you do. Put some thought in your outfit to create an original look without actually over thinking the entire thing. Say what?! I mean, leave some room for “go with the flow” but don’t just go for the first thing that comes to mind. If you’re struggling, just go sit in your couch, watch a movie and try again.

For my posts, I can either dive into my closet, stare and then try out things or just think of a combo while laying in bed. In my experience, this second method always gives me the most fun looks because my imagination seems to work better than my eyes.



I know. If we see something we want, we get it. I’m no exception. So when I have a new look, I really have to stop myself not to drag my boyfriend outside and shove a camera in his hands. Because no matter how great the outfit may look, you need good lightning. So you wait. And wait. If you don’t, you’ll end up with grey-ish pictures and get frustrated about them anyways. Recognize the feeling?

So you behave and stare like a kitten in front of the window and attack when you spot some morning sun. Or wait for those afternoon rays of sunshine.



Goddamn go.out.side. I never get why you would wanna take outfit pictures inside. And for the same reason I just talked about: light. If your house has massive windows (lucky you), go ahead. If not, well… It’s after-all all about the outfit. Nobody likes a black hole with a head and feet.

Also search for a nice background. Lately I try to search for nice elements rather than a beautiful large total picture view. Why search for a castle if only the front door will be visible right. ;)

My golden tip, look at locations through your camera lens! Or hold your hands in a square and squeeze one eye.

Okay, you got the outfit, the perfect lighting and a nice setting. Time for the real deal!




I always start with some testshots to get the lightning right. And with I, I mean my boyfriend. Cause he’s the one who takes all my outfit pictures (thanks hon). In the meanwhile he also tries out some angles (read my mind damn it, I want this behind me). Now that I think about it, I suppose I can be a little difficult during those moments.



Few okay, we’re finally ready to go. (Can we take a break already?)

I always start with complete outfit shots. When I got three of them I like, we move on to the top half body shots to eventually go for the details. And when it’s freezing cold, I work in the opposite direction. Avoiding goosebumps and red noses.

Personally, I usually don’t like pictures taken from a very low or a too high angle. Keep it simple. You can keep the original angles for detail shots.




It’s a challenge to pick only 5 pictures if you’ve shot about 100. But nobody is interested in watching 20 pictures of you. So select a top 10 and try narrow it down to 5: 1 or 2 full look shots, 1 or 2 upper half and the remaining for details.



This one is optional, but personally I like to adjust my pictures a little in Photoshop when needed. No disappearing belly buttons or growing a pair of enormous tits, no worries. Simply adding some more vibrance, make them a little warmer and if needed some more contrast can already make a huge difference.

Oh yes, and make you pictures smaller in file size! (A more detailed post about how I edit my pictures in Photoshop is in the make by the way ;) Wow! Spamming my own post.)



If not on a blog, on Facebook, Tumblr or Instagram. You’ve put lots of time in them so show them. If it’s (like in my case) for a blog, I always try to add a fun short story. What was going on at that moment, where did I get this new skirt, why did I combine it with those shoes…

Voila there you have it, lots of text I know. But I hope some of these things were helpful.

And stay tuned, cause there is a reason I made this post. And involves you and lovelifelovefashion!