For this first official “Your Reflection” post, Yasmine, a fashion blogger from Antwerp wanted to take the leap. Everyone, say ‘Hi, Yasmine’. Or let’s not, before this starts to sound like an AA meeting. Unless AA is now officially short for ‘Awesome A+looks’.

Yasmine: What I like about this outfit is that it is such a relaxed and tomboy look. Every girl needs a break from all the glam once in a while! Right? — I totally agree Yasmine!

What she’s wearing: Vans sneakers, Primark denim, H&M (men department) shirt, a jacket from her Mom’s closet, H&M beanie.



Like her style, too? Find more of Jasmine on her blog called iamyass. Get it? ‘I am Yass’… There we go. ;) Let me know what you think of her look and if you want to be featured yourself, check out here how you can. Don’t be shy. ;)