When I got an email from this lady with outfit pictures, a smile instantly appeared on my face. This week it’s time for Natasja’s reflection. A Dutch lady who moved to Belgium for her studies. Yay! Because it allowed me to meet her on already quite some events and she’s fun, fun, fun!

Think of her like a Dutch Duracell rabbit that makes you smile with her enthusiasm and words. And she’s generally nice. I love nice peeps!

Natasja loves a lot of foreign cultures and languages. That’s also the reason why her studies are related to that. Next to all the studying, she wanted a place to share some of her other interests. And that’s how Eyes Painted Black was born.

Natasja: “In this outfit, you can see three recently (ahum summer) purchased items of brands that were a first. The Michael Kors Selma bag to begin with, Steve Madden Gladly heels and an Esprit cardigan. I combined them with some basics (skinny jeans and a simple white shirt) and added some gold accents (rings, bracelet and earrings) to accentuate the gold on my bag and shoes.

I like the fact that the outfit is comfortable and suitable for almost any occasion (minus the shoes at least). Because of the shoes and bag, the look looks more classy. The shoes however, I rather keep for special occasions, otherwise my feet will be killing me.

What she’s wearing: Michael Kors Selma bag, Steve Madden Gladly heels, Esprit cardigan, H&M jeans and shirt, Urban Outfitters finger tip ring, bracelet (gift).



Eyes Painted Black in a nutshell:

Reviews, beauty looks and challenges, simple and tasty dishes, personal fantasies and travel snapshots. Even though I focus on beauty, I find inner beauty more important (girls should not hide behind makeup). My blog and what it represents is an extension of who I am.

What do you think of this look? Love to hear in a comment below.

Wanna be featured yourself? You can! And you don’t need to be a blogger for this. I noticed out of reactions I’m gettings that some of you think this is mandatory. It isn’t, so be bold and send in those pics! ;)