This week it’s time for the first lady coming from the Netherlands. Jint, the 23-year-old law student and blogger behind Vanilla & Velvet is big into fashion. Here dream is to live in New York one day (you and me both missy!) with preferably a job in the fashion industry.
She shares articles about her personal style, trends and once in a while a lifestyle article. Just like myself, she can spend hours on Pinterest & Instagram, looking for those perfect pictures.

Jint: “For this look, it seemed fun to match the oversized sweater with a pair of tight leather pants. The white blouse that shows underneath it gives it that nice extra detail. Instead of heels – what might seem like a more obvious choice – I went for sneakers to make it a more wearable outfit.” — I’m so loving this outfit! Each item is something I would wear myself as well. And admit it, doesn’t she look amazing in it! — Big fan of the soft knitted sweater combo with the bold leather Jint! And those sunnies give the entire look an extra touch of power. Love. It.

What she’s wearing: Céline big knitted sweater, Motel Rocks white shirtdress, Pieces leather pants, SPRDLX bag, New Yorker sunnies, New Balance sneakers


What do you think of this look? Love to hear in a comment below.

Wanna be featured yourself? You can! And you don’t need to be a blogger for this. I noticed out of reactions I’m gettings that some of you think this is mandatory. It isn’t, so be bold and send in those pics! ;)