Hi there. I’m Aurélie, 27 years young and living in the best city of Belgium: Ghent!

During the day, I’m a Graphic Designer & Digital Marketing Lady; at night an enthusiastic blogger, happy (girl)friend and a little weirdo.

Because I’m supposed to talk about myself over here (let’s do this!): I’m a die hard foodie, a green hearted person, the biggest ice cream addict ever, and a little weird … oh, and I’m also very funny. (A person can say that about themselves right?)

I love experimenting with different styles and I eat fashion magazines for breakfast, lunch ànd dinner. But as much as I do love fashion, I also love living. Especially the traveling part. The best thing to spend money on are experiences. Nothing gives me a freer feeling than when I’m discovering a new country while being away of everything. Yup, I wanna see the ENTIRE world! By the way, I’m also one of those people that are intrigued by photography and by leaving their comfort zone. Quite a handful right…


Magazines, LOLcats, my friends, dessert menus, hippos, finding a treasure at 50% discount, éclairs, photography, and awesome looking food (like a kid in a candy store!)

Traveling, coffee ice cream and my boyfriend. (Note: This order is completely random.)

Check out my bucket list to see ;)

Having such diverse interests can have its downside too sometimes. I like too many things to only be doing one of them. So yes, I’m one of those people who can’t be put into a box. Unless that box is a 2-bedroom penthouse with a view over Central Park in NYC. In that case, box me!

To quote Patrick Swayze in Dirty Dancing, and I apologize for the cliché in advance:

“Nobody puts baby in a corner.”


lovelifelovefashion was created in April 2013 after some kind of identity crisis. What do I wanna do on a daily basis? Where and with who and most importantly, what do I wanna reach in life? Big questions we all ask ourselves once in a while. While those questions are indeed important (and the answer less obvious), there were so many other things keeping me busy as well. Which country to visit next, what to wear tomorrow, which piece to invest in this season. More superficial things, true, but part of life as well.

To give all those thoughts a place, I rolled into blogging to get some peace of mind.

Boom! The birth of lovelifelovefashion was a fact. My own little place where I could totally be me and pen down my ideas and thoughts related to both Life and Fashion.