Love Life, Travel

Travel: Russia, Saint Petersburg

December 12, 2014

Russia was the first place on our list ‘To Do’ list during our time in Finland. In between classes, parties and sauna visits, we kinda got used to the cold in Helsinki. Can you imagine that?! Anyway, it was time for a new challenge: hello -25°C/-13°F and a wind as cold as ice. Talking about Continue Reading…

My Reflection, Outfits

Outfit: Enlightenment

November 16, 2014

Hi peeps, it seems like I have rediscovered my lost love for skirts. I had kinda outgrown them a few years ago as I had the feeling I became officially too “old” to wear (short) skirts. But then came the maxi-skirt. And the the midi-skirt followed not that long after. Does that mean Continue Reading…

Bucket List

Personal: Bucket List

November 14, 2014

During the new layout process of my blog, my bucket list got a little lost and ended up not making the new blog because it didn’t fit in in its old form. In the meanwhile, some of you already noticed it was gone (including my Dad!), but what’s done is done. However, you can always fix things. So this is me, fixing something. Ready for my bucket list 2.0?

Places I want to visit

Most of all (if I would have the time and money) I would just love to leave everything behind and travel the world for a while. See places only a few people have already discovered and see spots were you feel like one of a million (Yes New York, Hong Kong, I’m talking to you!). But bucket lists need to stay (kinda) realistic, so here is a more list I made when I was way younger (colored = been there, done that!):


Things I wanna do

Way too much. That’s for sure! So here again a list I started when I was about 14 and which is growing and developing ever since:


If I was a rich girl

Okay, I know this is just superficial stuff, but I’m still a woman. And just like most of you, I have a weak spot for pretty things. Plus I have a shopaholic killer side which I seriously suppress. So if I would/could ever buy some very expensive designer items, these babies would be the ones I would save for:

• Leather Chanel Classic Flap over bag
• Black (Yves) Saint Laurent Monogramme Sac Université leather shoulder bag
• Proenza PS11 Classic leather shoulder bag
• Louboutin, Pigalle 100 leather pumps
• Valentino/Dior dress (aaah hard one)

What’s your number 1 on your bucket list? Love to hear.