My Reflection, Outfits

Outfit: Pink Gold Steps

February 23, 2015

Morning, peeps. How is everyone doing? This week’s outfit is probably my favorite one of the month. We all search for our own style and for something we feel great in. Well this is it for me. Although I like to change things up, Continue Reading…

Love Life, Travel

Travel: London, baby (Part I)

February 17, 2015

Hi, babes! Some of you might’ve seen a couple of pictures from our trip to London via Facebook or Instagram already. Time to share a little more about it don’t you think? Two days of quality time was exactly what we needed between our busy weeks and all the interior changes (more updates on that will follow soon by the way). It was a perfect getaway to charge up our batteries and completely relax. Continue Reading…

Deco, My Reflection

Deco: Ydee Ghent

February 10, 2015

For a long time I never understood why Ghent didn’t have amazing design stores like you see in other big cities. As it turned out, it was me. I was the problem in the Ghent vs deco shop problem. Because we do have one! And it’s called Continue Reading…

My Reflection, Outfits

Outfit: Geminine

February 6, 2015

Super excited over here ladies! Tuesday I’m leaving for London. 2 days off with the boyfriend … I’m so looking forward to that. Not that you need an excuse to visit London, but we decided to go because a South African friend of ours will Continue Reading…