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Personal: lovelifelovefashion 2.0

October 22, 2014

Hi ladies! Didn’t recognize me I? Don’t worry. It’ still me. Just in a different dress. And new shoes. You like?

I’ve been thinking about a new layout for a while now. And the preso by Yara at the Zalando Blogger Awards completely convinced me. (More on that soon!)

Last year I kinda decided to start a blog on a whim and in a matter of days I had written my first post and I was up and running. I suppose I had a now-or-never feeling or something, you know?

Anyway, what I wanted to say Continue Reading…

My Reflection, Outfits

Outfit: Stripes & Gold

October 15, 2014

Wowww, I’ve really been a sucky blogger lately. I just noticed that I didn’t post a new outfit this weekend. Sorry about that. Luckily I still have this casual Sunday-look in the pipeline, so let’s do some rock-n-roll and post this one today. Uhu, right now. In the middle of the week. *insert shocked lolcat face*

About the outfit itself, I’ve been thinking… Continue Reading…

Diary, Love Life

Diary: #lovelife 06

October 12, 2014

Wazup sweethaerts. Sorry for the radio silence on the blog lately. It kinda has been a struggle to find a good balance between work, friends, blogging and my boyfriend. Recognize the feeling?

“I either need to clone myself! Or stop sleeping.” Continue Reading…

My Reflection, Outfits

Outfit: In Transition

October 5, 2014

Morning ladies, October has started and I’ve found myself in a serious transition period. From sunshine and beaches, the moment we left the door in the Dominican Republic, to dark mornings and cold temperatures here back in Belgium … makes me all grumpy and even a little sad. Continue Reading…

My Reflection, Outfits

Outfit: Guess What!

September 28, 2014

Shame on me cause it’s the first time I’m actually wearing these heels. Okay no, that’s a lie, I had them for New Year’s Eve dinner (see here) to walk from our car to my parents’ front door. But that doesn’t really count does it?

Anyways, I actually Continue Reading…

Beauty, Brain Farts

Beauty: The One & Only

September 15, 2014

I. Hate. lipgloss! A strong statement… I realize that. But I want to make clear how I generally feel about those troubled sticky things. The only good memory I have about them is from my childhood. When I was secretly grabbing my mom’s lipgloss, so we could play dress up with a bunch of friends. We looked ridiculous, but Continue Reading…

Bloggers Daily, Events

Event: Monar & Clothes

September 12, 2014

Last week, I went to the official opening of Monar & Clothes in Antwerp. Surrounded by lots of BVs (the belgian type of celebs) and the herd of photographers behind them, the bloggers were in the minority. Funny contrast to see how photographers are there to take pics of celebrities, while bloggers are only obsessively taking pictures of clothes and accessories. (Bloggers for the win! – There, I said it ^^) Continue Reading…