My Reflection, Outfits

Outfit: Enlightenment

November 16, 2014

Hi peeps, it seems like I have rediscovered my lost love for skirts. I had kinda outgrown them a few years ago as I had the feeling I became officially too “old” to wear (short) skirts. But then came the maxi-skirt. And the the midi-skirt followed not that long after. Does that mean Continue Reading…

Love Life, Personal

Personal: Bucket List

November 14, 2014

During the new layout process of my blog, my bucket list got a little lost and ended up not making the new blog because it didn’t fit in in its old form. In the meanwhile, some of you already noticed it was gone (including my Dad!), but what’s done is done. However, you can always fix things. So this is me, fixing something. Ready for my bucket list 2.0? Continue Reading…

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Event: 10 Jaar VIJF

November 9, 2014

So I just got back from the 10 Jaar VIJF event (10 Years VIJF) and directly jumped behind my laptop. Yes I’m sleepy as hell, yes I wanna put on PJs and yes I wanna look at the content of my goodie bag. But even more so, I want Continue Reading…

Food, Love Life

Food: Breakfast is Served

November 6, 2014

Breakfast, definitely my favorite meal of the day. I mean c’mon, it can’t get any cozier then getting up and eat while your in total comfy mood. Uhu I mean the whole shebang: hair up, no bra, sweatpants and thick fluffy sock with anti-slip nobs. Sexy? Hell no! Cozy! Damn right! Continue Reading…

My Reflection, Outfits

Outfit: Peacock Princess

November 1, 2014

If little peacocks would come together, could read Vogue and go shopping together (wow, I wonder where I’m going with this), I’m pretty sure this is the skirt they would all go for. Damn, they would fight over it even. And if those little peacocks Continue Reading…

Diary, Love Life

Diary: #lovelife 07

October 31, 2014

Bonjourno amigos. Time for another round of “my fun moments of the last couple of weeks”. Damn, this sounds like a bad Italian tv quiz. But seriously, I’ve had some pretty awesome days. And obviously some bad. But I’m not gonna bore you with those, it’s a #lovelife post by all means. Continue Reading…

Bloggers Daily, Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks: Making Outfit Posts 101

October 29, 2014

The first one of many to come. For this weeks Tips & Tricks, l’ll talk a “little” about how the entire outfit shoot/post way-of-working goes for my blog. Cause it might look easy peasy, but I (and every other blogger for that matters) do put lots of effort and time in it. Ready for a speed course on how to create an outfit post? it will come in handy. Trust me! ;) Continue Reading…